Your friends will change you.

Your friends make you who you are. Pick friends that change you for the better.

I have found in my experience that a new group of friends changes me completely, as I take on their values and some parts of their personality. Making new friends that have the values I want is the fastest way to change who I am.

I keep the old friends who are good for me, and I replace the rest.

But I see too many people with friends who are bad for them. It’s as if some people are unaware of the effect their negative friends are having on them. Or they are aware, but unwilling to step out of their comfort zone to make new friends that will improve their life.

If this post made sense to you, then you should analyse your social circle. Ask yourself if you have any friends who are bad for you, or are holding you back. If you do, maybe you should think about replacing them or cutting them out of your life.

Because I see too many people with friends who are bad for them, and I never understand why they don’t get rid of them. It’s better to have a few good friends than a lot of wrong friends. It’s your life, and your time is limited. Don’t waste it with the wrong people.

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