Bad Decisions and Mistakes are Important

Sometimes we make the wrong choice and we waste months, even years following this wrong path, before we realize it wasn’t right.

Then a lot of us regret it and even go into depression because of it. We start to beat ourselves up, and criticize ourselves for being human. For some reason we have this unrealistic and unfounded belief that we should be perfect and never make mistakes.

Then when we do what all humans do, we regret it. We don’t realize it’s normal not to know what to do or have all the correct answers. We get upset that we made the mistake, falsely thinking this was bad or wrong, and we never should have tried.

But without trying and having made that mistake, we would never have known it was wrong, and we wouldn’t be able to switch paths onto the right choice.

Mistakes and real life experiences are better teachers than theories in our head.

Trying, failing and learning what is not meant to be, brings you one step closer to what is meant to be. This is much better than not trying and not failing, but also not eliminating the wrong possibilities to get closer to the correct one.

Image may contain: 1 person, text that says 'Good decisions come from experience. Experience comes from making bad decisions. ~Mark Twain ZQUOTES'

Too many people see mistakes as a negative, when it isn’t. Mistakes eliminate the wrong possibilities. Make enough mistakes, learn from them, and you will know what the correct step is. Mistakes are good, embrace them and be thankful for them.

Nobody moves forward without making mistakes along the way.

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