Do not make building a friendship group or social circle your number one priority in life.

You need to have more important goals and aims in your life than making friends.

It seems counter-intuitive, but having something more important in your life than making friends actually causes it to be easier for you to make friends.

The same rule applies for improving your social abilities as well.

When our number one goal in life is making friends or improving our social abilities, we tend to try too hard and also become more self-conscious around people, and this makes people like us less. We become more desperate around people, and being desperate chases others away.

You should have more important goals and priorities in your life than making friends. If you really want to go hardcore and have making friends or improving your social abilities your number one priority, then you should only do so for a short time. Once that period of ‘hardcore socialising’ is over, then go back to having more important priorities and goals.

You should think about making your work, or hobby, or exercise; a major priority in your life that is more important than making friends or improving your social abilities.


Exercising is something much more productive than socialising, and is good for your health.



Making friends is something you should pay attention to and work on, but it should NOT be your number one priority.

Eventually you will get to the stage where you have enough friends, and there will be no point to keep making more and more new friends. Your resources, time and energy will be better spent in other areas of your life, so you can be a well-rounded, balanced, and healthy individual.

Some people dedicate their entire life to making more and more friends. This is not a productive way to spend your time.

Know how many friends you want, know what type of friends you want, and work towards that. Once you have achieved that, you can spend your time on other goals and areas of your life.

Every now and again you will still be making new friends, but once you have enough friends to make you happy, then there is no point to keep focusing on making new friends on a regular basis.

Whereas your exercise routine, diet, and work; are all areas that require you to keep focusing on it on a regular basis and give it a lot of attention. They should be your priorities.


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