Social Intuition is developed through social interactions and experiences. Social Intuition, as I define it, is being able to understand what type of social behaviour is considered ‘normal’ or acceptable. One needs to develop their Social Intuition if one is serious about improving one’s social skills and conversation abilities. Social Intuition is when you know enough to be able to follow and not break the rules of how to behave in a social situation.

The rules of social etiquette, and what is considered acceptable social behaviour, differs from culture to culture, and country to country. It is based on various factors, such as the country you are in, which ethnic group or area you are within that country, the culture you are in, the age of the people you are talking to, gender, etc. A diverse range of factors can affect what is considered acceptable.

This is why writing about how to interact or communicate with someone is challenging, as it varies from area to area.

Everything that can be written on social skills are just guidelines and suggestions for you to think about, and decide if it can help you.

One way to know whether or not you are doing something socially acceptable or unacceptable is by developing your Social Intuition.

And the best way to develop your Social Intuition is by observing others around you when they communicate, and to pay attention to what they say, how they behave, what they do; and see how others react to them.

Improve social awareness
Develop your social intuition by paying attention to social situations around you.

Don’t do this in a creepy or mad scientist way where you stare at other people with eyes wide open, holding pen and paper and taking notes.

Observe others in a normal way. The next time you are in a social situation with a group of people talking to each other, actually listen and pay attention to what people are saying, and how people react.

Reflect on and think about what you just saw happen. Ask yourself if there have been other times you have seen that happen, or if there have been times when you have seen something different happen. Just thinking about social situations you have been in, will increase your Social Intuition.

Another really effective way to develop your Social Intuition is by having empathy. Empathy is when you are considerate of other people’s opinions and needs. You think about other people and their feelings, and you try to see things from their perspective.

You realise it is not all about what you want, but other people also have wants and needs that are important. When you have empathy, you are considerate of the feelings of the people around you.

Empathy can be hard to practise, but it will go a long way in improving not only your Social Intuition but other parts of your psychology and life.

Developing Social Intuition is important. The best way to do this is by observing and reflecting on the behaviour of those around you in social situations. Practise empathy whenever you can, as that will also develop your Social Intuition.

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