The more we lose, the less attached we become.

Pain and loss are inevitable. A lot of spiritual traditions and religions like Buddhism emphasise this. They teach us we need to accept the losses we experience.

They also teach us that this physical world we live in is only a temporary journey in our soul’s evolution, and the ideal goal is to train ourselves to not have any desires or attachments for what is in this material world.

I wonder if maybe the reason that God/Universe/Reality causes us to experience losses and failures is to teach us and get us to train our mind to have less desires and attachments.

If we want something but fail to achieve it, or we make a mistake, or we have something but lose it; then regretting it or wishing it were otherwise is just a form of mental torture, or insanity. The EVENT happened, and now we are making ourselves FEEL BAD about it. The more we regret or wish it were different, the more BAD we FEEL. Whereas if we ACCEPT it, we feel less bad, possibly even neutral or calm.

So the only logical decision is to ACCEPT it. We have to change our expectations or ‘rules’ for life to: “Life is imperfect. Failures and losses are inevitable and will happen a lot.” People that believe the lie that life should be “perfect”, or that they “can’t fail or make mistakes”, are the ones that struggle the most to ACCEPT.

When someone can’t ACCEPT what has happened, they keep replaying thoughts of regret or what could have been different. The more someone does this, the more they are sentencing themselves to their own mental prison of torture and insanity.

When you realize that you won’t always get what you want, it causes you to have less desire and attachment. This is an efficient way for the Universe to train us to not be attached to this temporary physical world. If we lived in an alternate reality where we got everything we wanted, we would be too attached to this physical world.

The more we lose, the more chances there are to be less attached, and experience what some call a spiritual awakening.

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