Comedy – Not all jokes you make will get laughs


Not all jokes you make will receive laughs from the people around you.

Even the best comedians make jokes that are not funny.

It happens to everyone.

If you make a joke that is not funny, then do not worry about it or get depressed about it.

Some people when they make a joke that nobody laughs at, they then become self-conscious and start to feel bad. That makes it worse.

If people do not laugh at your joke, do not be affected or depressed by it.


Bad Joke
Don’t feel sad if nobody laughs at your jokes.




There is only one important rule to follow when making jokes, and that is do not make jokes that are rude or offensive.

Pay attention to the feelings of the people around you. If you have said something that is hurtful to someone, then apologise or do something to fix it.


Be careful when you are making jokes that you do not hurt the feelings of the people around you.


As long as you are not making rude or offensive jokes, and you are not hurting the feelings of the people around you, you do not need to feel bad or be affected when you make jokes that are boring or not funny and other people do not laugh at.


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