Improve Conversation. Make Friends


The aim of this website is to teach conversation skills to those who struggle with conversation.


I believe when your conversation skills improve, so will your ability to make friends.


Improve Conversation Make Friends
Improving your conversation skills will increase the chances of making friends.


While there are other factors that go into making friends, such as the hobbies you have, how compatible you are to each other, how far away do you live from each other, how many things in common you share, etc; conversation skills is a useful factor.

Not everyone will like you, and nothing will change that. No amount of conversation skills will change that. But that is okay. If I go out and only 1 in 10 people I meet is interested in getting to know me better, I will focus on that one person. I will be grateful there is one person who wants to get to know me better. I won’t hate or get angry with the other nine for not wanting to get to know me, as I understand that most people I meet I will not connect with.

But that one person, who is interested in talking to me, I will try to see if we can build a friendship.

And that is when conversation skills will be useful.


So while conversation skills are not everything there is to make friends, and no amount of conversation skills will change the reality that not everyone you meet will like you; conversation skills is still something to learn and improve at.

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