The two year anniversary of this website

I started this website about two years ago. I feel like now is a good time to look at and review the past two years of this website, as well as talk a little about what Improve Conversation is about.

In the first year of this website, I unfortunately did not do as much as I could have on here, because I was busy writing up my conversation books.

In the second year, I was able to put in a bit more effort, but the majority of my time was still dedicated to writing my books.

Two years completed

A few months ago, I completed writing two conversation books, and was able to dedicate more time to my website. Unfortunately, I faced an obstacle where I struggle a lot with the technical aspects of websites. I am a writer, not a web developer, so such tasks were beyond my skills. Thankfully, I had a friend, Tim Bao (Zhihao), who knows a lot about websites. He can do in four hours what I could not do in days of struggling with my website.

Having a friend like him helped me a lot. It also showed me the importance of being able to identify and admit my weaknesses, and finding someone who can do what I cannot do. With Tim’s help, I was able to fix a lot of problems with my website. And I can focus more on writing quality posts.

From now on, you will be seeing more posts made on this website. My plan moving forward from this point is to put more time into my website by posting here regularly.

I created this website, along with the conversation books I wrote, because I had a vision to teach conversation skills to those who need it. This is unfortunately an area that is neglected by schools and the education system. If somebody wants to learn how to talk to others, there is nowhere for them to go to learn it. I created Improve Conversation, which consists of this website and my two books, to address this problem and play a role in correcting it.

I have dedicated years to the study of conversation and social skills, and I wish to impart that knowledge to those who need it and can benefit from it.

My teachings also have a secondary aim apart from teaching conversation skills, and that is to teach others that they should have a more important aim in their life than learning social skills or chasing popularity.

I believe in what I call the 90/10 rule. Which is that a person should not spend more than 10% of their time on their social life or improving their social skills, and they should spend at least 90% of their time on other things which are more important, such as their career, studies, hobbies, exercise, etc.


To live a life where too much time and energy is given to your social life is to live a life that is not balanced and leads to unhappiness. Spending too much time on your social life also leads to you struggling more with social skills. People who spend too much time on their social life lose their sense of identity, become needy for social approval because they are not emotionally invested enough in other areas, and also experience a bunch of other negative side-effects that cause them to struggle more socially.

My books, and this website, was built to teach social skills, but with an emphasis and reminder of the 90/10 rule – of not spending more than 10% of your time and energy on your social life.

That is what Improve Conversation is about. It’s more than just an educational tool, it’s a mission. To teach conversation skills and the right values to as many people as possible. If you are interested in being a part of this mission, or support what we stand for, then I welcome you to join us.

I am just beginning the third year of this website’s journey, and I look forward to it! I hope you do too.

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