As people get older, the number of friends they have will drop. It is just a reality of life. It is not something to feel bad about, or think that you are weird because of it. It is normal.

Generally speaking, the social life of most people is at its peak when they are in their early twenties to late twenties.

The typical social life of a really social person through the years, based on what I have seen, is that from around 18 years or so, they go out a lot, they party a lot, they meet a lot of people. Even if they do not go out to a lot of parties, they will meet people either through organisations, or societies, or sports they play.

This trend continues for the next few years. Some of the people who are really into the party or nightclub life may become tired or bored of this by the time they are 21 or 22, and become focused on hobbies or sports. They still meet people here, but not as many.

By the time people have reached their mid-twenties or late twenties, they start to spend less time meeting people or with their friends. Their social life starts to drop around this age. There are various reasons for this, but the main reason is that at this age of their life, people are starting to focus more on working.


Older you become less friends
I used to be so popular!!!



By the time people have reached the age of 30, the number of friends they have has dropped significantly. By this stage of their life, most people are focused on their work and the grind of working.

When working full-time, from 9 to 5 – five days a week, along with the travel time required going to and returning from work each day; there is very little spare time left over. On weekends, there are household duties that have to be done, like cleaning the house, washing clothes, buying groceries, and any other essential tasks that arise, such as buying new light bulbs or mowing the lawn or fixing the fence. And there will also need to be time spent to rest and recover during the weekend. All this leaves one with very little time to maintain friendships with people they already know, let alone to go out and meet new people and make new friends. By this stage of one’s life, one does not have many friends anymore.

And this is just for people at the age of 30 who have not had children yet.

Once people have children, they have even less time to maintain their friendship with others. A lot of time goes into looking after and raising children.

From this point forward, there is very little spare time left.

Even among people who do not have children, they also find they have less time due to other commitments. Even if they can find extra time, a lot of other people their age will not have as much time and will be busy and unable to meet them enough to maintain or build a friendship.

As people become older, their social life decreases.

This is normal. If you are an adult without many friends, do not feel bad. Do not think you are weird or you are different to others. You are not.

This is why the growing trend I see among some people, where their number one priority is to make a lot of friends, worries me. It is just not practical as you get older and focus on other areas of your life to have a lot of friends.

And if you are young and you do not have a lot of friends, that is not something to feel bad about either. There is nothing wrong with not having a lot of friends or only having a few friends. There are more important things in life to focus on. A lot more important things.

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