Remind yourself of the big reasons to like yourself

Write a list of all the big reasons to like yourself.

Look at this list every now and again to remind yourself of why you should like yourself.

There will be plenty of little reasons that pop up regularly of why you should like yourself, and you should use those little moments to like yourself.

For instance, if you did the grocery shopping, that is a reason to like yourself as you did achieve something.

If you made a new friend or caught up with an old friend that is a reason to like yourself.

If you remembered to take out the trash or mow the lawn that is a reason to like yourself.

All these are reasons to like yourself that occur throughout the week. And it is good to think of these little reasons and tell yourself that you did a good job and like yourself for it, rather than just ignoring these reasons.

But there are also big reasons to like yourself. Big reasons, as in accomplishments, or abilities you have that took a lot of time to achieve and develop. Or features about yourself that you should like.

Feel the reasons to like yourself
Visualise the big reasons to like yourself. Feel it, as if you’re holding it in your hands.

Some examples of big reasons to like yourself:

If you managed to finish high school. This is an accomplishment that you should be proud of.

If you are good at playing the guitar or singing. These are abilities that would have taken a lot of time, possibly years to develop.

If you are good at a sport like soccer. This is an example of a big reason to like yourself.

If there is a physical trait you have that you like, for instance, you like your nose or the size of your hands. It does not matter whether other people like these physical traits you have or not. There are a lot of celebrities and actors who have physical traits that other people do not like. But these celebrities do not let it affect them. They still like these traits of theirs. That is what you need to do. Like yourself for the way you look, regardless of whether other people like it or not.

If you have a quality, like patience or determination, that is a reason to like yourself.

There are big reasons that you can find in your life to like yourself. Think of these big reasons.

You should write down a list of these big reasons, and remind yourself of these big reasons from time to time. Possibly even on a daily basis. Reminding yourself of something first thing in the morning and just before you sleep at night will cause it to better enter your memory and sub-conscious mind.

Remind yourself of the big reasons to like yourself. You will realise how amazing you really are. Everyone is amazing, it is just about finding out all the reasons that you are.

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