What Do I Talk About?

One of the most common questions people ask themselves is “What do I talk about?” Whether it is with friends, work colleagues, classmates, or other people, this is a question plenty of people face. A lot of us are stuck with that dilemma. Unfortunately, there has not been a proper guide written to answer that question. Until now.

What Do I Talk About
When there is an awkward silence, and you are wondering “What do I talk about?”

I dedicated years to going out, practicing talking to a lot of people, paying attention to what others talk about, and analyzing it. Because of this, I was able to collect plenty of data on all the topics that come up in conversations. After that, I then spent a lot of time putting it all together and writing a book about it.

The Answer

As a result of all that hard work, I created this book titled “What Do I Talk About”. It contains a lot of topics that occur in conversations, to help you answer that age old question that always turns up in social interactions with others. I honestly hope it can help those of you who are struggling with this problem.

In this book you will learn:
-The Ten Types Of Conversation that occur everyday.
-Eight Categories Of Topics (including a list of 200 topics divided across these Eight Categories).
-The 21 Most Common Topics in Conversations (including a total of just over 200 talking points for these 21 Topics).
-3 Most Common Mistakes people make in conversations and how to fix them.
-An explanation of The Popularity Contradiction. Why the harder you try to be popular, the less popular you will be.

This book will answer the problematic question of “What do I talk about?”

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