Why This Blog Has Articles That Are Not Just About Conversation Skills

This blog was designed to improve the conversation skills of those who read it. But a lot of people don’t understand that improving conversation skills isn’t just about learning the technical skills of talking.

There are also other factors that play a more important role. They are:

-Having other areas of life apart from socializing to concentrate on. This causes us to be less dependent on people for happiness, become more confident, and also have more stories to talk about. If you spend your time engaged in work, hobbies, exercising and other interests, you will have more to talk to people about.

-Having the right perspective. If you view the world in the wrong way it will be harder to talk to others. If you want everyone to like you, or believe you need a lot of friends, or have some other false belief, you will be more nervous and desperate around people. Which will make it harder for your brain to think of what to say in a conversation. The more relaxed you are, the better you will do.

-Having the right friends. We see ourselves the way our friends see us. If we have supportive friends, they will pull us up and make us feel more confident. And the more confident you are, the better your ability to talk will be.

If all this blog did was just address the technical aspect of conversation skills, it would not be giving you a complete solution. I would just be dealing with a part of the problem. It will be just like using sticky tape to fix the leg of a broken chair, rather than actually taking the time and effort to replace the broken leg with a new leg. The latter takes more time, but it leads to a stronger solution.

Working on these areas indirectly helps your conversation abilities. But they also have bonus benefits.

There is a rising trend I currently see in society where people have developed an unhealthy obsession with popularity. This is a shallow type of happiness that doesn’t last. I know from experience that popularity will not fulfill you. In order to move people away from the wrong path and onto the right path, I put effort into writing articles on improving one’s life. This has the benefit mentioned earlier of indirectly improving one’s conversation skills, but also creating a fulfilling life.

I heavily address the areas of friends, because generally when people want to learn conversation skills, it’s to make friends. So I deal with that here. And as mentioned earlier, having the right friends will also indirectly help one’s conversation skills.

This blog’s title is ‘Improve Conversation’, and that is its main purpose. But it’s also so much more than that. It gives you a stronger solution to this problem, while trying to ensure you live a fulfilled life and don’t make the mistake of wasting your life chasing the empty goal of popularity.

If you want to learn only the technical aspects of conversation skills, there are plenty of blog posts written about that under the category of ‘Conversation’, which you can find in the menu. I have also written two books on that, which you can find by going to the ‘Books’ category. But if you want to deal with other areas that hold back your conversation skills, then you can read the other articles I’ve written in this blog.

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